First Look: Summer at CMH Cariboos

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In a time when the world feels like it’s getting smaller, the idea of walking on ground that hasn’t seen summer visitors for 10 years is nothing short of dreamy. But at the Cariboos, that’s exactly your reality.

As of July 2018, CMH Cariboos will reopen for Summer Adventures allowing access to a stunning landscape that few others have seen or explored. In September, a group of guests got a sneak peek at the heli-hiking and all-around awesome available at the remote luxury lodge.

Here’s the first look at some of the best shots from the trip ahead of next summer.

Heli-hiking at CMH Cariboos photo by Katie Goldie
Photo: Katie Goldie | CMH Cariboos

Katie Goldie 
Known for her stunning photography work and general stoke on nature, Katie captured the raw and rugged topography of the landscape in the Cariboos. This shot was taken while hiking next to the impressive Zillmer Glacier.


Heli-hiking at CMH Cariboos photo by Javier Frutos of Canadian Geographic
Photo: Javier Frutos | CMH Cariboos

Javier Frutos
It’s not every day that you can look down on clouds – but that’s what happens when you’re hiking at 10,000ft. This photo was shot with Nikon’s new D850 full-frame camera.


Heli-hiking at CMH Cariboos photo by Toby Harriman
Photo: Toby Harriman | CMH Cariboos

Toby Harriman
The best kind of taxi. Area Manager John Mellis leads the hike to explore Zillmer Canyon after the mountaintop drop-off. This was one of three hiking locations during the day, each with a ‘heli bump’ in-between.


Heli-hiking at CMH Cariboos
Photo: Helen Defaye | CMH Cariboos

Helen Defay
Every seat comes with a view. Photo shot mid-flight to the North Canoe Glacier.


Heli-hiking at CMH Cariboos, Banff National Park, Vermillion Lakes
Photo: Susan Nerberg | CMH Cariboos

Susan Nerberg
The road to CMH Cariboos isn’t half-bad either. This sunrise was shot at Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park, shortly before joining the impressive drive on the Icefields Parkway; a route that’s regularly noted as one of the best drives in the world.


Heli-hiking at CMH Cariboos photo by John Evely aurora
Photo: John Evely | CMH Cariboos

John Evely
Milkyway + Aurora + Mountains
A nightly occurrence when you’re miles from anywhere.


Heli-hiking at CMH Cariboos photo by Andrew Penner
Photo: Andrew Penner | CMH Cariboos

Andrew Penner
Nature has a way to put everything into perspective. This photo was shot at the Canoe Glacier.


Heli-hiking at CMH Cariboos
Photo: Tamara Elliot | CMH Cariboos

Tamara Elliot
Dramatic doesn’t even begin to describe the landscape as swathes of billowing clouds embraced vast mountains, which led many to stop in their tracks.


The opening of CMH Cariboos in July 2018 complements the existing offering of Summer Adventures trips at the Bugaboos and Bobbie Burns lodges. These remote lodges offer backcountry luxury for you and just a handful of others, for 2-7 day trips. See here for more information >>