Heli-Skiing: Do the Math

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So how does a 7-Day Signature Heli-Skiing trip compare to your typical week skiing at a major North America or European resort? Well, we’ve done the math for you on cost, terrain, snowfall, lodges, and experience.

  1. Cost Comparison:

A trip to a resort means on top of paying for your daily lift ticket or ski passes, there’s the cost of accommodation, all meals and snacks, top-of-the-line rentals and airport transfers. At CMH, everything we just mentioned is included in your trip.

2. Skiable Terrain Comparison:

We have 3million areas of skiable terrain.

To put this into perspective, if you combined all of the terrain of ‘chairlift ski resorts’ in North America – and then multiplied that number by 20 – that’s how much space you have to ski at CMH. You should also note that you’re sharing this area with only a handful of other people.

3. Snowfall Comparison:

The mountains we ski and fly in are world famous for their dry, light and consistent snow. Our lodges are placed deep in snow-socked interior BC, with some of the highest snowfall counts on the planet for a ski destination.

4. Lodge + Area Comparison

With 12 unique lodges and tenures to ski in, you’ve got the luxury of choice.

5. The Experience of a Lifetime Comparison:

We didn’t make a graph for this one because we’re not sure there’s a way to quantify the measurement of pure awesome.

Epic. Joy.

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