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Words by Morgan Dinsdale | August 24, 2017

Tom Raudaschl | Guide at CMH Bobbie Burns

When he’s not guiding up at the Burns’, Tom Raudaschl can usually be found adventuring with his son and daughter around Golden, B.C. or visiting his homeland of Austria. In his younger years, Tom could also be found working as a climbing stunt double for Brad Pitt in the film Seven Years In Tibet. The stunts for this 1997 classic were filmed on Mt. Waddington, once known as Mystery Mountain, the highest peak in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Previous to this, Tom also worked as a stunt double for the thrilling movie Alive, a film based on the true events of how a Uruguayan rugby team survived in the snow swept Andes after a plane crash. The climbing segments of Alive were shot in the Bugaboos, including the famous end scene which recreated the 10-day trek across the Andes, completed by survivors Nando Perrado and Roberto Canessa, in order to alert local Chilean authorities of the other plane crash survivors and their location. A total of eight CMH guides worked on this film and Tom doubled for four separate actors, mainly glacier walking and tobogganing.

You can find Tom at CMH Bobbie Burns guiding skiers through delicious, deep pow during the ski season, and in summer leading adventure-hungry guests across the impressive Mt Nimbus and Conrad Glacier via ferrata’s.