Latest from the Field: August in Pictures

In Summer

Photo: Lyle Grisdale

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While it’s hard to believe that summer is already coming to close, there’s no denying that the days are just that little bit shorter and the nights are slightly crisper! Here are the top shots from the field in August showing the best from the CMH Bugaboos and Bobbie Burns lodges this summer.

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Hard to believe places like this even exist.

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  1. @jamieout

This shot not only impressed us, but it nearly broke the internet after being picked up by accounts with a few million followers. It’s adventure-worthy photography at its finest.


  1. @ptrckmrphy

Flyovers never get old. We love this shot of the heli taking a spin over the Conrad Glacier at CMH Bobbie Burns.


  1. @zillahbell

Smiles for days are a common theme on the Mt. Nimbus Via Ferrata.  Here’s the top down view!


  1. @_jena_g

Story time is perfectly captured as one of our guides’ talks through flora and fauna with a young guest on a Family Adventure trip as the heli arrives.


  1. @shezzzzzzza

There are glaciers galore at CMH Bobbie Burns, although you’ll never get sick of seeing them.


  1. @lyle.grisedale

A happy marmot is one that’s stuffing his face with fresh wildflowers. Photo snapped mid-munch.


  1. @freon9000

Our guide Fridjon Thorleifsson providing yet another fantastic shot from the field of a guest en-route to conquering the Mt Nimbus Via Ferrata.