What Should You Pack for Heli-Skiing?

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You’ve booked the trip, you’ve done the Get Fit workout series, and now with only a few days to go, you’re stood in front of your suitcase wondering what the heck to pack.

When it comes to a CMH trip, it’s always better to bring less. Here’s some advice from longtime heli-skier, Steve Kruse (who is also the Man Who Skied 355 Months in a Row) on the first things you should place in your suitcase for your heli-skiing trip to BC, Canada.

Heli-skiing in Canada - Bruno Long
Don’t forget your boots | Bruno Long
  1. Your ski boots – and carry them on the flight, don’t let them out of your sight” – Steve makes an excellent point. At the lodges, your ski and snowboarding equipment is provided, except for your boots. Those are best personalized to the shape of your own feet. So not only should they be the first thing on your list to pack, but it’s also good practice to keep your boots by your side during transit. Here’s a list of everything that’s included in your trip.
Heli-skiing in BC, Canada, CMH
Invest in good goggles | Justin Nan – Deep Thought Productions
  1. Goggles that are dialed-in for snowy skiing. There is nothing worse than not being able to see on that epic powder day” – Both for safety and to enjoy the views, ensure that your eyewear can withstand the ever-changing conditions in the mountains.
Heli-skiing in BC, Canada, CMH
Ear plugs optional but handy | Craig McGee
  1. Ear protection, either ear plugs or muffs for riding in the helicopter” – After multiple laps per day, for several days in a row, those sensitive to the sound of the rotor may want to pack ear protection. These can be the inexpensive foam inserts or the heavy duty 3M muffs.
Heli-skiing in BC, Canada, CMH Bugaboos
Keep things casual for the lodge | CMH Bugaboos
  1. Swimsuit for soaking after skiing” – Because no heli-skiing day is complete without a dip in the tub. It should also be said that CMH lodge life is casual and comfortable. Bring the type of clothes you’d wear at home…slippers included.
Heli-skiing in BC, Canada, CMH
CMH Heli-Skiing | Danny Stoffel
  1. A good attitude! Every day in the mountains offers adventure and unique experiences” – A tip worthy of being #1, this mantra is endorsed by many a heli-skier.

All 11 lodges are well equipped for your stay. From plush lounges and perfect temperature hot tubs to massage rooms, climbing walls, saunas and well-stocked bars, you may find it hard to leave. View and compare the CMH heli-skiing lodges >>