Never Make These 8 Heli-Skiing Mistakes

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Photo: Danny Stoffel

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Whether it’s a once in a lifetime trip or your annual pilgrimage to the powder, no one is immune from making the odd heli-skiing mistake.

While some of these errors have more serious consequences than others (see numbers 2 and 3), all are invaluable for your next heli-skiing trip.

Get Fit for Your Trip: Workout 1

Heli-Skiing Mistake 1. Not improving your fitness

Building a strong core and solid legs ahead of your heli-skiing trip will set you up for success. We’re not talking about completing an Iron Man competition, but training merely 3 times per week in the few months before your trip will allow you to lap runs in the heli for consecutive days. (opens in a new tab)”>Watch our FREE video series, Get Fit For Your Trip >

A group of people stood around a helicopter during a safety briefing
Heli safety briefing | Photo: Tammy Hanratty

Heli-Skiing Mistake 2. Not paying attention to the safety briefing

Of course, we’re all here to enjoy the blower powder that comes with heli-skiing in British Columbia, but we can only do so by following the safety procedures that we’ve perfected for over 50 years. Nobody’s got time for someone with an inadequate respect for wilderness skiing – especially when the outcome not only impacts you but the others in the group. We rank safety before fun for good reason.

A man skiing through powdery snow - heli-skiing mistakes not to make
Always follow your guide | Photo: Mike Welch

Heli-Skiing Mistake 3. And similarly, not listening to your guide

Ignoring the directions of a highly qualified professional with 8 years of training, plus scores more years of experience in the field, while in wild, remote terrain? Probably the biggest mistake of your life.

A stretch class - heli-skiing mistakes not to make
Morning stretch class | Photo: Tammy Hanratty

Heli-Skiing Mistake 4. Forgetting to stretch

We offer daily morning stretch classes that help ease any tight muscles, while warming your body ready for the day. You’ll see the seasoned heli-ski veterans attend each class before breakfast, so trust us (and them) when we say, ‘limber up!’

A group of skiers stood in a group - heli-skiing mistakes not to make
Something for everyone | Photo: John Evely

Heli-Skiing Mistake 5. Thinking it’s all unattainable

Powder Intro, Powder Masters, Family Trips. We offer a range of programs across 12 individual lodges. If you want to huck cliffs and pin lines, we have our Steep Shots programs. But we also cater to first-time heli-skiers and those who want to take things at a relaxed pace. As long as you’re a strong intermediate to advanced skier or snowboarder, you’re going to have a good time. Watch our virtual reality video, Lines of Sight, to see some of the accessible heli-skiing terrain we have here at CMH.

A log hewn lodge - heli-skiing mistakes not to make
Bugaboo Lodge | Photo: Tammy Hanratty

Heli-Skiing Mistake 6. Thinking non heli-skiers can’t come to CMH

Non-skiers, we’d love to have you. Relax in the hot tub, explore the cross-country ski trails, read a book by the fire and dig into the gourmet meals. All that, plus you can join the lively lodge atmosphere when the heli-skiers return at the end of each day.

A mountain peek with a suspension bridge - heli-skiing mistakes not to make
Mt. Nimbus Via Ferrata at CMH Bobbie Burns | Photo: Jesse Tamayo

Heli-Skiing Mistake 7. Thinking that all we do is winter

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions. Summer is definitely a thing out here, and we welcome you to sample what’s under all that snow. Via ferrata climbing, trail running, workshops and daily heli flights to the same remote landscapes that you ski in winter, but now to hike, climb, and explore. See CMH in Summer >

A helicopter flies over snow covered mountains in British Columbia
Heli-skiing at CMH | Photo: Danny Stoffel

Heli-Skiing Mistake 8. Assuming we have lots of availability, all the time

Needless to say, heli-skiing is addictive. More than 60% of next season’s trips are sold within the first week of booking. So it’s worth noting that our 2020/21 Booking Week begins Oct 21, 2019. Book on or before Oct 25 to lock-in your place at the best possible price before they increase.

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