Depth Perception: Travis Rice at CMH Galena

In Heli-Ski
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WORDS BY ALISON JONES | October 16, 2017

Last spring, Travis Rice delved deep into snow-socked backcountry BC at CMH Galena with elite riders Robin Van Gyn, Austen Sweetin and Brian Fox to discover the true roots of snowboarding.

The result? A full-length film filled with bottomless snow, impossible spines and, ultimately rediscovering the common thread that connects us all to the sport. Travis and the team have officially set the stage for the ultimate stoke movie of the season.

As you can see, there’s a reason why we describe Galena as ‘steep ‘n’ deep’. The advanced terrain is a heady mix of steep pitches, drool-worthy pillow lines, and silent pines. The area is also home to the largest inland rainforest in the world, which proved to be part of the inspiration for this film.

Depth Perception paves the way as a new breed of action sports movie. It captures both the understanding of what drove Travis, Austin, Robyn and Bryan to become who they are today, while doing so in the otherworldly landscape of the mythical Galena.

In partnership with Quiksilver, Rubble & Helio Film Productions, the full-length film launches Oct 16 with the first screening of the World Tour in Bozeman, Montana. Dates and details here.