5 Reasons Why You Should Be Stoked for Winter

In Heli-Ski

CMH Revelstoke | Photo: Grant Gunderson

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Heli-skiing in Canada speaks for itself.

But, if you’re finding it hard to be excited about the winter months ahead, we’ve compiled five reasons why you should amp that excitement for all the awesome that winter affords us during the heli-skiing season.

Photo: Danny Stoffel

1/ Legendary Powder
The trees have turned and we can feel that familiar chill in the air – you know what that means! POWDER.

Heli-skiing in Canada means we’re in the business of fun; we mix the best turns of your life with purest and lightest powder you’ll ever ski. Not to mention a few good people to share it with while you’re here. Our snow is famous for good reason.

Photo: Noel Rogers

2/ Heli at the Ready
As you read this we’re busy preparing everything for the first heli-skiing trips of the season, including ensuring our helicopters are in perfect condition to lift you to the best runs, lap after lap.

We have an impressive fleet of 32-helicopters across all of the lodges during winter, each of them dutifully maintained and primed for fun.

Photo: Struck

3/ The Heli Belly
It’s definitely a thing, and it’s absolutely worth every calorie. Plus, it wouldn’t be winter without a little indulgence!

For us, an integral part of ensuring you have the best heli-skiing trip possible is by ensuring your ski legs are sufficiently filled with nourishing food so you’re ready for consecutive days of heli-skiing in Canada.

This is why our lodge chefs tirelessly craft detailed menus with the finest ingredients to create daily gourmet meals. We hold ourselves to a high culinary standard and, as any return CMH heli-skier will tell you, we’re big believers that good food will set you up for great skiing.

Read about just one of our many Chefs; PK Bodnar.

Photo: Tammy Hanratty

4/ The Renowned Lodge Life
Fresh tracks together during the day lead to shared stories over dinner…and exaggerated tales at the bar.

One of the most memorable parts of a CMH trip is the lodge atmosphere and the people that become part of your story. The camaraderie forged during a trip is truly unique, and it’s as much a part of your trip as the heli-skiing.

Take a look at all of the CMH heli-ski lodges.

Photo: Danny Stoffel

5/ The Place
The final, yet crucial, component to topping-out what is already a semi-heightened excitement for winter is this place in which we play.

It’s this which brings us all together; the awe-inducing scenery and the humbling sea of peaks stretching out before us that instills an inevitable, yet welcomed, sense of deep wonder. It’s fleeting yet powerful as we land, clip, and drop into the best runs of our lives.

This is why we’re all here.

This is heli-skiing in Canada at CMH.

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