The draw of going heli-skiing for the holidays

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Updated April 26, 2024 | Words by Alison Jones

If you’ve been hunting for a unique way to spend your winter holidays, below are five reasons why a week-long heli-skiing getaway might be a better match than you first think.

Go beyond your in-laws’ living room and imagine escaping from the hectic hustle of Christmas or New Years to retreat to a heli-skiing haven in the middle of nowhere. Switch off from the world for a time and immerse yourself in backcountry British Columbia to heli-ski or ride during the day, then cozy up by the lodge fireplace each evening.

Reason #1: The all-time atmosphere 

You don’t get a more idyllic winter scene than a snow-covered, log-hewn lodge deep in the wilds of British Columbia. Combine that with a crackling fireplace, twinkling lights and fine company, and you’ve got yourself an unparalleled recipe for postcard-worthy pictures and a festive good time.

“The atmosphere at the lodges is always extra special at that time of year,” says Erin Teunissen, Hospitality Development Manager for CMH. “Especially when it snows, it feels like you’re in a real-life snow globe.”

Our lodge teams go the extra mile to make things magical – be it a snowy bonfire or a unique gift exchange, they make it memorable for you and your group.

NEW TRADITIONS – Guests gather around a holiday bonfire at CMH Gothics.

Reason #2: You don’t have to cook

Ever fantasized about a holiday season where you don’t have to cook, clean or organize a single thing? This is it.

Leave the feasts to our team of professional chefs, the cleaning to our hospitality pros, and your day-to-day movements to our experienced ski guides. We’ll tell you where you need to be, and when.

Our food is as famous as our heli-skiing, and for good reason. Each of our lodges has a team of chefs to create beautiful flavours to sate both your tastebuds and your empty ski legs. All you need to do is move from the dinner table to a cozy fireside seat to kick back with a good drink. Leave us to do the dishes!

Reason #3: First turns fervor  

Think of December heli-skiing trips as the ultimate rope drop. You know the type we’re talking about; the one on a deep powder day, legs are fresh, stoke is high, and everyone is brimming with anticipation of bagging first tracks. 

Picture that level of stoke but on tens of thousands of acres of backcountry terrain. Oh, and it’s only you and a few other heli-skiers with access. Yep. That’s the kind of hype we’re talking about that happens during the first month of the season. 

Not only is the energy palpable in December, but the terrain is playful. Depending on the snowpack and conditions, we either spend days in well-spaced trees or cruising down some of our most sought-after runs. 

Speaking of snow, CMH lodges receive an overall average of 280 cm (110 inches) of snowfall in December, with a base of around 200 cm (78 inches) and average daily temperatures between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius (23-14 degrees Fahrenheit).  

Reason #4: It’s good for you (no, really)

We all crave connection. Whether you choose be with friends or family, or you’re flying solo and just want to be around others, spending time together creates physical and mental well-being. Not to mention the overall benefit on mind, body and soul of spending time in the great outdoors, doing something you love. 

Reason #5: It’s great value

It’s true. Heli-skiing in December offers some of the best-value heli-skiing of the entire season. We’re talking about making your dream turns at the best price possible. 

Mid-season trips tend to book out far in advance, but there are typically some gems available in December. 

Are you in?

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