5 Items to Pack for Heli-Hiking

In Summer

Photo: Taylor Burk | Hiking around CMH Bugaboos

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For those ready to venture into the great outdoors, CMH Guide Brodie Smith has some great advice on what you should include in your backpack for a day hiking in British Columbia.

Having spent 8 years as an ACMG Hiking Guide (and the last 6 as a CMH Ski Guide), Brodie knows a thing or two about adventure travel, and here he lists the key items to include in your daypack.

Hiking in British Columbia

1/ H2O

Brodie’s Advice: Water’s vital. I’m talking a minimum of 1.5 liters. It’s one of the most important items in your pack, and it’s easy to underestimate how much your body will need. Not only will the physical activity make you sweat, but you’re also at altitude which causes you to exhale and perspire almost twice as fast than when you’re at sea level.

Hiking in British Columbia

2/ $5 Blister Kit

Brodie’s Advice: These kits are light, compact and may just save your day. If you’ve bought shiny new hiking boots for the trip (or even if you think your existing ones are worn in), carrying an inexpensive blister kit for ‘just in case’ will make all the difference should you rub your feet the wrong way. There are many stops along the way during a day heli-hiking or on the via ferrata for you to rest your feet, blisters or no blisters!

Hiking in British Columbia

3/ A (Waterproof) Raincoat

Brodie’s Advice: Even if the forecast calls for 30 degrees Celsius and sunny, you should still pack your raincoat. The mountains can surprise you, and I’ve seen snap snowstorms in summer. The weather can change quickly, and it’s better to be prepared. Also, a pair of gloves never goes amiss.

4/ Sunscreen

Brodie’s Advice: Embrace the outdoors while protecting yourself from the elements.  UV exposure increases by about 4% for every 1,000ft. (305m) gain in elevation, which means when you’re heli-hiking at around 5,000-9,000ft., you should absolutely slap on some sunscreen to keep both you and your skin happy.

Hiking in British Columbia

5/ Trusty Ziploc Bag

Brodie’s Advice: Your standard kitchen Ziploc bag may save your camera or phone. If you take a quick dip in a river or a brief walk under a waterfall while enjoying some summer hiking in British Columbia, the inexpensive baggy will keep them both dry and working!

This summer, you can choose from 2, 3, 5 or 6-day Heli-Hiking trips in British Columbia to the Bugaboos, Bobbie Burns or Cariboos. Trips options also include via ferrata climbing, and an opportunity to embark on the best family vacation possible. Read more about a luxury summer adventure vacation in British Columbia >>