Season wrap: highlights from Winter 2023/24

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CMH Purcell

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May 16, 2024

Thank you to everyone who heli-skied, rode, and worked with us this winter. Just as April rolled into May, the Bugaboos closed out the CMH season with a whopping 30 cm / 11 in powder day!

Check out other highlights from the season:

Million Footer milestones reached

We celebrated guests who joined the CMH Million Footer family by crossing off 1 million vertical feet skied or ridden. We also cheered on those who hit major multi-million milestones.

During the 2023/24 season, 55 guests had their first official Million Footer moment. Another 51 skiers and riders passed milestones of between two to nine million vertical feet, and an exclusive crew of five others reached 10-19 million vertical feet.

A special heli-bump to Rohan Swaminathan, who this winter became the second-youngest Million Footer in CMH’s history at just 15 years old!

1 Million

  • Allmendinger, Craig
  • Arcelin, Gostal
  • Arroyo de Francisco, Miguel Angel
  • Bart, Cheryl
  • Begor, Mark (Wills)
  • Blasko, Jozef
  • de Bruin, Cornelis (Cees)
  • DelPonte, Hannah
  • Eberhardt, Stefan
  • English, Robert (Bob)
  • Fairfax, Daniel (Dan)
  • Fellows, Steven (Steve)
  • Forschbach, Victoria C.
  • Gay, John (Jack)
  • Girard, Louis
  • Han, Da Peng (Han)
  • Hanning, Matthew P.
  • Hartman, John
  • Hegi, Stephane M.
  • Heidel, Horst
  • Hibbard, Roger (Roddy)
  • Higton, Paul
  • James, Robert (John)
  • Jones, Thomas (Tom)
  • Keller, Walter
  • Leason, Nicholas (Nick)
  • Lee, Derek
  • Lindberg, Ken
  • Ludwig, Philipp
  • McMillan, Geoffrey (Geoff)
  • Miller, Daniel M.
  • Miller, Donna L.
  • Moll, Eric
  • Paland, Edda Christina
  • Poulin, Anne
  • Ramos, Corey
  • Robertson, Marc
  • Robinson, Peter
  • Senn, Andreas
  • Smith, David
  • Snyderman, Mark
  • Spee, David R. (Dave)
  • Spenceley, James W. (Bill)
  • Steinbuch, John
  • Strickland, Eric
  • Sullivan, Thomas A. (Tom)
  • Swaminathan, Rohan
  • Szybnski, Mike
  • Tikalsky, James (Jim)
  • Toulemonde Roussel, Gwendoline
  • Trottmann, Reto Josef (Reto)
  • Vauthey, Eric C.
  • Weston, Graham
  • Williams, Forrest
  • Zeller, Daniel

2 Million

  • Barry, Susan (Sue)
  • Davis, Chad
  • Gutierrez, Aaron
  • Holway, Scott
  • Holway, William (Bill)
  • Horowitz, Gill
  • Kessler, Ian
  • Loddengaard, James (Jim)
  • MacDougall, Campbell
  • Matile, Nicolas
  • Mirhashemi, Ramin
  • Roadman, Todd Nathan (Nate)
  • Sakai, Paul
  • Strayer, John
  • Strebel, David
  • Williams, Raymond Austin (Austin)
  • Zauner, Manfred

3 Million

  • Abousleiman, Marc
  • Del Pino, Ignacio
  • Flautner, Gerhard
  • Freud, David A.
  • Hinds, Jan-Christer (Jan)
  • Hohendahl, Friedrich Karl
  • Kesselring, Franz
  • Kroese, Kevin Andrew (Andy)
  • Laurence, Robert
  • McAlister, Murray
  • McAlister, Sonja
  • Pipak, Francis (Frank)
  • Strebel, Pendleton (Pennie)
  • Weir, Paul

4 Million

  • Johnson, Christopher
  • Katsura, Fumio
  • Long, Jeffrey (Jeff)
  • Roadman, Todd N.
  • Scheicher, Thomas
  • Straus, Laurence (Larry)
  • Wheatall, Michael (Mike)

5 Million

  • Bonar, Nicole
  • Jensen, Donald (Don)
  • Shanley, John
  • Soederstroem, Bo Erik (Erik)

6 Million

  • Clin, Philippe
  • Glass, Michael
  • Holley, Frederick (Fred)
  • Whitfield, Benjamin M. (Ben)

7 Million

  • Kahn, Caroline
  • Shepard, Jeffrey

8 Million

  • Lieb Gutierrez, Nancy
  • Roe, Sally
  • Shacklock, Timothy A. (Tim)

10 Million

  • Chamberlin, Thomas (Tom)

11 Million

  • Pollei, Steven
  • Schapiro, Kenneth (Ken)

13 Million

  • Kruse, Steven (Steve)

19 Million

  • Bonar, Jack

Did you know? More than a dozen guests who reached multi-million statuses this season chose a CMH Summer Adventure trip as their thank-you gift from us. We’ve noticed a trend that more and more of our winter guests are booking during the summer months as a way to share CMH with family and friends, or to experience what it’s like to hike the landscape they normally ski. Contact us if you’re curious.

Photo-worthy moments from across CMH

Floating above the clouds at CMH Adamants. | Photo by Bryon Weddle

Fresh tracks under bluebird skies at CMH Bobbie Burns. | Photo by Hannes Hohenwarter

A guide takes a moment to appreciate the expansive terrain at CMH Cariboos. | Photo by Geoff Ruttan
Guests enjoy the moment while they wait for their next lift at CMH Gothics. | Photo by Pete Murray
The heli glides above a ridge at CMH Bugaboos. | Photo by Caroline Kahn
Late-season turns slice like butter at CMH Bugaboos. | Photo by Caroline Kahn
A Powder Intro group breaks for lunch at Frisbee Ridge, CMH Revelstoke. | Photo by Lili Lambert
A guest enjoys a bird’s eye view from the helicopter’s window seat at CMH Purcell. | Photo by Soranne Floarea

See you next winter!