5 ways to experience heli-skiing if you’re short on time

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Updated on February 3, 2024

CMH Purcell is easy to get to, simple to book and impossible to forget. 

As our only destination that offers day heli-skiing, it’s an immediate “yes” if you want to try heli-skiing without a weeklong commitment, or if you’re pressed for time and only have a day or two to spare. It’s also great for seasoned skiers and riders who crave new terrain and a quick, easy-to-plan heli-ski hit. Make it a one-and-done, or stack/sprinkle a few single days throughout your winter holiday.

Purcell specializes exclusively in day heli-skiing and boasts unlimited vertical feet/metres. That means you don’t have to worry about keeping track of how much you’ve skied or ridden: if you happen to go over the amount of vertical we guarantee, you can keep making turns at no extra cost.

At Purcell, there are two groups of skiers and riders, each with up to eight guests and two guides. A limited number of smaller groups, plus a high guide-to-guest ratio, means more time spent skiing and riding.

Here are different ways to experience a trip to the latest destination in the CMH lineup:

1. Heli-ski from world-renowned Banff, Alberta

Location, location, precipitation. CMH Purcell is based in Golden, BC. That means it’s the closest heli-skiing option from scenic Banff, AB. A short 2.5-hour drive on the Trans-Canada Highway will get you from Banff to the doorstep of Purcell’s heli-pad. If you’re planning to visit Banff to ski at Lake Louise, Sunshine or Mt. Norquay, you can easily add a day or two of heli-skiing into the mix with a trip to Purcell. Bonus: you’ll get to drive through beautiful Kootenay National Park or Yoho National Park along the way.

2. Extend your resort road trip

Skiers and riders looking to tack on a heli-skiing trip to a resort stay can go from their cars to the chairlift to the top of a heli-ski run. Purcell is an easy add-on for anyone visiting neighbouring Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, or for those taking a trip down British Columbia’s notorious Powder Highway. The Powder Highway is a circular route through the Kootenay Rockies that passes by eight alpine ski resorts (and multiple other CMH destinations!)

Plus, because Purcell is the only CMH destination that does not include accommodation, you have the ultimate freedom to choose your own in and around Golden. If you’re road-tripping in an RV, save some coin and stay cozy in it. Looking for something a bit cushier? Everything from hotels to luxury homes is possible. We have accommodation partners in and around Golden, so hit up our vacation planning team if you need a little help figuring out where to stay.

3. Be spontaneous

We can generally accommodate last-minute bookings at CMH Purcell. The further in advance you can book, the better. But If you’re in Banff, Golden, or a nearby town and you get the urge to go heli-skiing, we can likely squeeze you in for the following day (or so). Take a look at our available bookings and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. If you see a big storm a-brewin’ in the forecast, follow the snow and be ready to go!

4. Activate your powder legs

If it has been a while since your last powder day, consider visiting CMH Purcell to blow off the dust before a big trip. We have guests who book a day or two at Purcell before continuing on to another CMH destination, so they arrive at their pinnacle week of the winter feeling confident and warmed up. Or, if you have previous resort or backcountry powder experience and have been dying to try heli-skiing for the first time, Purcell is the ideal intimate setting to dip your toes in the snowy waters and give it a go.
Learn more about Purcell’s terrain and who can ski/ride it.

5. Extend the rush

Picture this: you’re at a different CMH destination. The fluffy stuff is dumping, but your trip is almost over. If you don’t want to leave the greatest runs of your life on the table, consider extending the heli-high by booking a few extra days at Purcell. Our 11 destinations are all located in the same general geographic area, so it’s not unreasonable to hop from one to another. Ask our booking team about how to link CMH trips.