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Photo: John E. Marriott | Landscape photographers on a workshop at CMH Bugaboos

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Words by John E. Marriott | Posted April 21, 2017

The winners are in! John E. Marriott’s landscape photography workshop at CMH Bugaboos last August resulted in some stunning work from the participants. After much deliberation, guest judge Paul Zizka, who’s mountain landscape and adventure photography is recognized world-wide, selected the winners from the 2016 workshop.

Overall Winner: Kristen Eder

Photo: Kristen Eder | CMH Bugaboos Photography Workshop 2016

“I picked the reflection shot because aside from the emotion the scene immediately evokes, I was really drawn to the very careful composition. The framing is great, and every tree is where it needs to be. No convergence getting in the way. Just brilliant. That layer of fog takes it up a notch too!” – Paul Zizka

Overall Runner-Up: Bob Faucher

Photo: Bob Faucher | CMH Bugaboos Photography Workshop 2016

“For me, the framing and those dark triangles in the bottom left and right corner really draw me in. The clouds on the left help restore equilibrium so that far right peak does not throw the scene out of balance. The exposure is spot on to reveal a maximum amount of detail in the ice. I also love the subtle processing.” – Paul Zizka

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John E. Marriott Photography Workshop at CMH Bugaboos

John’s 20 years of experience in wilderness photography are at your disposal. With the Columbia Mountains as your backdrop, you’ll learn to get the best photos in a variety of light and landscapes. Returning to the Bugaboo Lodge in the evenings, John teaches techniques that you can practice in the field.

More details on John E. Marriott’s Photography Workshop at CMH Bugaboos August 5-8, 2017 here.