The Path to Guiding with CMH

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Photo: Craig McGee

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As the pioneers of heli-skiing, we take immense pride in providing industry-leading guiding to guests from around the world.

Our team of 130 guides represents over 1,500 years of experience. We are entirely passionate about the wilderness and sharing it with others in a safe, supportive environment.

So how does a person get their start in this profession? The answer; it’s different for everyone, and there are many paths you can take.

We’ve collated a few stories from our team on their career progression through CMH to demonstrate the various routes open to you.

Real Career Stories from our Guides

Whether they began their journey as a Practicum Guide with the goal to become an Area Manager, or if they made a switch from a different department, as the world’s largest heli-skiing operation, there are many opportunities to grow within CMH.

Meet some of the team.


CMH Guide, Kobi Wyss

Kobi is one of CMH’s longest-serving employees. Originally from Switzerland, he began as a guide in 1974 and worked alongside Dave Cochrane, and now Dani Lowenstein, at the history-rich Bugaboos. Kobi remembers his first day in the field guiding with CMH’s founder, “Hans told me to just follow the tracks”. And it’s been a simple path ever since.


CMH Guide, Kirsten Knechtel

Having started her career at CMH in 1997, Kirsten’s time as a Ski Guide has led her to work at some of the most iconic heli-ski operations. As an accredited Mountain Guide, Kirsten notes how women bring balance to the teams, “There are many supportive female guide mentors at CMH. The company attracts like-minded people, interested in the mountains and in safety”.


CMH Guide and Assistant Area Manager of CMH Monashees, Mark Durant

Mark began his career at CMH at the Monashees in 2002 as a journeyman electrician. From there, he progressed in his trade while also training to become an ACMG Ski Guide. “Mentorship is a big part of CMH. The senior guides play a huge role in the development of newer team members. There is a knowledge base unmatched by any other operator in western Canada, and possibly the world”.


CMH Guide, Sam Ewing

Since he was hired as a Tail Guide at CMH Cariboos in 2014, Sam has gone on to work at Revelstoke and now full time at the Adamants as an ACMG Ski Guide. “Apply and have a good time. CMH has many different operations, which means there’s a tenure to suit everyone’s personal style. As CMH is a large operation, there are many mentors from which to learn. Finally, it’s not only heli-skiing; some of the lodges offer heli assisted ski touring and heli-hiking in the summer”.

We share a passionate commitment to skiing, safety, the mountains and people – and this runs deep in everything we do.

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