From one Julia to another: Happy Mother’s Day!

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Photo: The LoVecchio family, circa 1983

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Words by Julia LoVecchio | Posted May 13, 2017

As far back as I can remember, we skied as a family. Friday nights we’d load up the station wagon and head West to Lake Louise for the weekend, skiing together on Saturdays and in the racing program on Sundays.

My mom has always been a beautiful skier – maybe not the hardest charging or fastest, she always floats over a slope with grace and style. It was always her technical ability that struck me, and also her amazing ability to pack a lunch spread from seemingly nothing in our pack.

If it wasn’t for my mom, spending hours in lift lines, side lines and up tracks I never would have landed my dream job; because for me, being part of the CMH family would not be possible were it not for the passion I feel for powder.

Photo: CMH’s Julia LoVecchio skiing with her mom and brother as kids

So thanks mom – for showing me the way and for encouraging me all these years to keep skiing. Even when I was a teenager and all I wanted to do was stay in the city and go out with my friends – we skied as a family. Full stop. Next spring Mom, when the sun stays out longer and we’re able to glide on glaciers high in the alpine, I’m going to bring you Heli-Skiing. Just like Julia Mancuso did last year with her mom at Galena – because there is no greater way to spend time with your family than together, in the mountains.

–Julia LoVecchio, lifelong skier and Director of Marketing, CMH

Video below: Olympic Gold Medalist, Julia Mancuso on a mother/daughter trip to CMH

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