Meet Revelstoke’s grande dame

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If you’ve visited CMH Revelstoke, you’ve likely met Maureen Beruschi.

She’s a fixture at the Regent Hotel in Revelstoke, which has been home base for CMH heli-skiers and boarders for more than four decades. Maureen has worked at the downtown hotel for 50 years, meaning she has greeted CMH guests from day one.

“I have always said with all the crazy things happening in the world, you can walk into the 112 Lounge and see Maureen,” says fellow CMH Revelstoke staffer Jenn Irwin of Maureen’s ability to make the hotel feel like a home. “A smile comes to your face and you know everything is fine.”

Maureen’s passion for her hometown runs deep. Born in Revelstoke during the flurry of a December snowstorm in 1948, her love for the mountains and those who enjoy them is palpable to anyone who meets her.

This past year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Maureen to take a winter away from the Regent for the very first time since the 1970s.

The Revelstoke Community Response Network recently interviewed Maureen about her life, her best-kept wisdom, and her perspective on the current state of the world.

Click below to watch the interview with this familiar face, or to meet Maureen for the first time:

Video courtesy of the Revelstoke Community Response Network

> Visit CMH Revelstoke next season and meet Maureen for yourself!