Top 5 Beers for a Hot Summer Day

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The Lodge at Arrow Lakes, Nakusp BC | Photo: Tammy Hanratty

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Whether you’ve been pushing your personal best on a bike or kicking back with a good book, there’s something to be said for the satisfying level of refreshment that comes with a cold beer on a hot day.

Take your pick from the list, they’re all good!” says Wade, bartender for the Lodge at Arrow Lakes in Nakusp, BC while handing over the beer menu to a guest across the wood top bar – and he’s not wrong. BC is home to some of the best locally brewed beer in the country. The problem is choosing which one you’ll sample first. So raise your glass and take a sip with this complete list of the best beer for a summer’s day.

Mt. Begbie Beers
Mt. Begbie Beers

1/ Best Local Beer
Beer: Begbie Cream Ale
Where’s It Brewed?: Mt. Begbie Brewing Co., Revelstoke, BC

Description: Mt. Begbie has an enviable cult-like following in the region. Based and brewed in Revelstoke, BC, you’ll find this beer on tap in almost every establishment within the Columbia mountain range. The Cream Ale is Mt. Begbie Brewing’s signature beer and its delicately fruity taste with subtle honey tones make it a firm favourite with the regulars in Nakusp. However, a recent noteworthy seasonal beer from the brewery is the Maple Ale. It packs a Canadian punch with the sweet yet light notes of real maple syrup.

Rossland Beer Company
Rossland Beer Company

2/ Best Nano Brewery Beer
Beer: Seven Summits Milk Stout
Where’s It Brewed?: Rossland Beer Company, Rossland BC

Description: Located in the small ski town of Rossland just south of Nakusp, brewery owners Petri and Ryan named their craft Seven Summits Milk Stout after a beloved local bike trail. The beer pours dark and opens with hints of mocha before developing a full malt flavor. It even won Gold in the 2015 Canadian Brewing Awards.

Bakerville Brewing Co.
Bakerville Brewing Co.

3/ Best Seasonal Beer
Beer: Claim Jumper
Where’s It Brewed?: Bakerville Brewing Co., Quesnel, BC

Description: The Sour Series is in for summer at the Bakerville Brewing Co., and a beer called ‘Claim Jumper’ is #1 on the list. Your first sip will be citrusy and crisp, before balancing out thanks to the Amarillo. This ale is as refreshing as they come for a summer beer.

Arrowhead Brewing Co.
Arrowhead Brewing Co.

4/ Best IPA
Beer: I’ve Been Thinking About Getting the Band Back Together
Where’s It Brewed?: Arrowhead Brewing Co., Invermere BC

Description: This beer boasts all the benefits of a great IPA without the heaviness that comes with. It’s clear that it was made with summer in mind as it’s both moderately hopped and manageable making it the perfect complement to warm weather. Bonus points are also awarded for the name. There’s a long list of tempting regular features from Arrowhead, which are then bolstered by their notable seasonals such as the lemony Hefeweizen.

Kootenay Kombucha
Kootenay Kombucha

5/ Best ‘Now for Something Completely Different’ Beer
Beer: Liquid Sunshine
Where Brewed: Kootenay Kombucha, South Slocan, BC

Description: Kombucha beer is definitely a thing, and nobody does it better than Kootenay Kombucha. The newest flavor from the small-batch-business is Liquid Sunshine. Packed with superfood powerhouses such as turmeric (anti-inflammatory) and golden berries (high in Vitamin A, B, and C), this beer is light, delicious and a perfect pairing with summer.